Valcour Process Technologies (VPT) is a Process Technology Solutions Firm focused on serving the evolving needs of the Cheese, Yogurt, Dairy, Food and Beverage Processing Markets. Our mission is to serve Regional, National, and International Food and Beverage Processors as Consulting Representatives for Innovative Process Technologies including Food Processing Systems, Analytical Process Instrumentation, Cheese Making Equipment, Cheese Cutting Systems, Thermoforming-Sealing Systems, Fluid Filling-Sealing Systems, Tray Sealers, Process Control Software, and Processor Services.

As Representatives, we offer unique Technology Enabled Products, Systems, and Project Solutions that deliver sustainable, safe, and flexible Cheese, Yogurt, Dairy, Food, and Beverage Process Solutions which in turn enable companies to grow their business. As Strategic Business Consultants, we enable Food Processors to improve their current process while developing new processes for premium quality and sustainably produced products that succeed in the market.