Form, Fill, Seal, and Sleeving Systems and Lines

Valcour Process Technologies offers Form Fill Seal Systems (FFS) and complete packaging lines associated with Forming, Filing, and Sealing of Diary, Beverage, and Fluid Food Products.

FFS Systems are used for medium to high volume Dairy and Food Production Packaging Applications. FFS systems allow customer to purchase plastic roll stock (instead of pre-made containers) and produce their own containers more cost effectively for single serve retail products and multi-packs. Products suitable for FFS Systems include Yogurt, Soft Cheeses and Dips, Butter, Fluid Milk Products, Beverages, and various hot fill viscous products such as Jams.

FFS systems can incorporate Hydrogen Peroxide Rolls stock sterilization for increased food safety and product shelf life. FFS Systems from Sacmi/Benco Pack incorporate a patented sleeving system that offers simplified product label changeovers. This innovative sleeving system is ideal for Co-Packers. Various Hygenic/Sanitary options are available including Extended Shelf Life (ESL) and Aseptic. A variety of downstream cases packaging options are available.