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Pasteurized Equivalent Water Systems

Pasteurized Equivalent Water Systems

Valcour Process Technologies offers Water Pasteurization Systems for Dairy and Beverage Process Applications. These customized systems leverage the latest UV Water Disinfection Technology to produce Pasteurized Equivalent Water on demand. Water disinfected in this way can be utilized for product recovery, cleaning, and ingredient use applications.

Applications for Pasteurized Equivalent Water Systems include:

  • As a firewall for incoming plant process water in order to deactivate any water borne pathogens.
  • Creating Pasteurized Water on demand for in-plant process cleaning and product changeovers.
  • Treating RO-Polished Cow Water to recover the water for in-plant process cleaning while reducing effluent volumes.
  • As a water sterilizer that replaces a water filter skid for ultra-clean process water applications like ESL packaging lines.

Pasteurized Equivalent Water Systems used in Dairy Processing are designed to meet either FDA Appendix D or H of the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance.